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8 Reasons Why You Need Luggage Scale

1- Accurate Measures

STOP weighing your bags on normal digital Scales, it’s not accurate and can damage your digital scale¬†

luggage scale for accurate measures

2- Save Money

Overweight luggage Costs between 1390 Egp to 2800 Egp while the cost of a luggage scale is perfect and saves you all this money

luggage scale saves your money in travel

3- No loss

Instead of removing and losing your precious things to save money you’ll pack exactly according to your weight

luggage scale saves you money

4- Save Time

Sit back and relax while waiting for your flight, as there is no more running around to pay and catch your flight

luggage scale saves you money

5- Plan Ahead

You can now plan what to take with you and what to get rid of at your home easily and distribute your luggage

Luggage Scale for easy packing

6- Pack Lighter

If you’re planning to take minimum luggage you can track that easily on the go and only grab what you need

luggage scale for travel

7- Weighs Almost Any Bag

Whatever your daily needs are you can use the luggage scale to weigh almost anything with hands “shopping bags, groceries, clothes , packages, etc”

luggage scale weighs any bag

8- Helps Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women shouldn’t Carry overweight bags, this will help them weigh their luggage and make sure its light weight

luggage scale for pregnant women

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