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Beurer was founded in 1919 in Ulm City in Germany, the start was by manufacturing the first electric heating pad as an easy and innovative substitute for heating instead of the methods used at that time.
Beurer expanded in research and innovation till producing 500 products to satisfy their clients from medical equipment, fitness, beauty and relaxation.
Beurer is the market leader in Europe in the area of flexible heating and a market leader in Germany for blood pressure monitors and massage products.

Medical Products Manuals

Beauty Products Manuals

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Fitness Products Manuals

Massage Products Manuals

Baby Products Manuals

Medical Products Manuals

Blood Pressure Monitor BM26

Blood Pressure Monitor BM27

Blood Pressure Monitor BM28

Blood Pressure Monitor BM40

Blood Pressure Monitor BM51

Blood Pressure Monitor BC28

Blood Pressure Monitor BC30

Digital Thermometer FT09

Ear & Forehead Thermometer FT65

Non Contact Thermometer FT85

Non Contact Thermometer FT90

Nebulizer IH18

Pulse Oximeter PO30

Elbow & Knee Tens Device EM29

Tens, Ems & Massage Device EM49

Tens, Ems & Massage Device EM80

Beauty Products Manuals

Long Lasting Hair Removal IPL5500

Long Lasting Hair Removal IPL5800

Cellulite Massager CM50

Deep Pore Cleanser FC40

Fitness Products Manuals

Activity Sensor AS87

Activity Sensor AS97

Mechanical Scale MS01

Digital Scale PS160

Digital Scale PS240

Digital Scale GS10

Digital Scale GS203

Digital Scale GS213

Digital Scale GS215

Digital Scale GS225

Digital BMI Scale GS280

Digital Scale GS235

Digital Scale GS300

Digital Scale GS400

Digital Scale GS410

Diagnostic Scale BG13

Diagnostic Scale BF180

Diagnostic Scale BF105

Massage Products Manuals

Foot Spa Massage FB12

Massage Stick MG21

Massage Stick MG40

Massage Stick MG55

Massage Stick MG80

Massage Gun MG180

Cover Seat Massage MG155

Cover Seat Massage MG206

Massage Cushion MG145

Abdominal Toning Belt EM32

Heating Pad HK Comfort

Heating Blanket TS15

Baby Products Manuals

Bottle Sterilizer BY76

Manual Breast Pump BY15

Electric Breast Pump BY40

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