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no 1 beurer pain relief technology

Pain Relief device with TENS technology

What is TENS technology ?

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
Which is a method of pain relief involving the use of a mild electrical current

What is a TENS device ?

A TENS unit consists of a battery-powered device that delivers electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the surface of your skin.

no 1 beurer pain relief technology

How does TENS technology Work ?

TENS technology works on sending small electric waves to nerves , so they produce endorphin which has a very large effect in pain relief making it easier to gradually leave pain killers that may affect digestive system and stomach.

What is TENS technology used for ?

TENS may be able to help reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide range of conditions such as :

Does it have any side effect ?

TENS technology doesn’t have any side effects as its a pain killer produced by the body

Who can use TENS technology ?

Anyone can use TENS technology as long as his/her pain is diagnosed by a doctor

TENS devices are medical devices according to the European specification 93/42/EEC and Health ministry of Egypt

Learn More about Pain Relief using TENS technology in this Video

Beurer Pain Relief Devices

Beurer is a german company was founded in 1919 in Ulm and is synonymous with health and well-being.

The company is the market leader in Europe in the area of flexible heating and a market leader in Germany for blood pressure monitors and massage products.

Beurer is also one of the leading suppliers of personal bathroom scales in Europe.
This portfolio is constantly being developed further in all areas and offers products for use at home.

Beurer has a wide range of products along with many TENS/EMS devices.

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