• Lorelli Baby Stroller ADRIA

    This Lorelli Baby Stroller Adria is the fashionable choice for parents .
    Adria is suitable from 0 months up to 4 years.
    You won’t buy a carry cot anymore cause Adria stroller seat turns into a carry cot that you can use the first 6 months and then turn the seat into a stroller seat just like that.
    This stroller seat is reversible to let your kid enjoy which way he/she wants.
    You’ll love how this stroller is made just for your baby’s comfort with the adjustable backrest, footrest and canopy .
    Adria stroller comes with mama bag and it’s compatible with Pluto car seat using adapters.

    About Lorelli

    Lorelli is a Premium specialized baby product brand, that cares about Quality, Safety and ease of parents life.
    We call it the Power of PSF : Premium Quality, Superior Service at Fair Price.
    Lorelli Products are manufactured according to European Standards.
    What we aim for is the safety and comfort for our little ones not forgetting the happiness and delight of their parents.

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