With Beurer BF105 BodyComplete diagnostic scale  , you can have a full body analysis of your upper and lower body measured precisely using 8 electrodes To evaluate your diet and your physical activity objectively based on numbers and graphical evaluation and trend display .

BF105 measures your body weight and your body fat , water , and muscle percentage along with bone mineral and  BMR , BMA .

you can easily evaluate your measurements with the standard evaluation tables in the catalogue.

all data can be transferred to PC or smartphone  thanks to beurer health manager app , to help you evaluate your body analysis for a long time period .


  • Precise upper/lower body measurement with 8 electrodes for a complete analysis of your body values.
  • Removable XXL display: 120 x 46 mm with digit size 22 mm for clear vision
  • Weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, proportion of mineral in bone, AMR/BMR calorie display to evaluate your daily lifestyle
  • Large-surface electrodes made of brushed stainless steel to protect it from water
  • USB and Bluetooth® transfer to PC and smartphone to transfer data and display graphical and trend evaluation in pc and smartphone
  • User memory spaces: 10 + guest mode
  • Measurement memory spaces: 30 for each of the 10 user to compare and evaluate between your body analyses
  • Switch-on technology: Button-on
  • Automatic switch-off to save batteries
  • overload indicator to save batteries
  • Weight capacity: 180 kg to be suitable for all weights
  • 1 year warranty



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