Are you always getting caught at the airport with excessive luggage weight?

use the small sized Leni Luggage Scale to weigh your luggage weight (up to 50 KG) before you travel and avoid  paying airline excess charges ever again

Features :

  • Elegant design and a Clear Screen
  • High quality material which can hold Weight capacity up to 50 Kg
  • Percise measuring as the scale graduations every 100 gram.
  • Different scale units : (kg , lb , st ) which relieves you from converting between measuring units
  • Ergonomic shape with multi use handle which is suitable for weighing other objects e.g. parcels
  • with strap for space-saving storage and easy transportation
  • Safety features as overload indication to indicate more than 50 kg weight.
  • HIgh Technology with Quick start :on /off switch
  • 1 year warranty.

How To Use ?


1-Pass the strap of the luggage scale through the handle of your luggage. Secure the hook.

2-Press ON button till 0.00kg appears. Make sure that the scale is not under load.

3-With the strap attached to the luggage, hold the scale horizontally and lift upwards. The weight is displayed on the LCD. If the weight is stable, the display flashes 2 times and is set.

4-The weight is displayed for a further 2 minutes, after which the scale switches o automatically.


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